Viggo Mortensen (mortensen) wrote in lotr_au,
Viggo Mortensen

Jazz After Dark

I check my reflection in the mirror, and realise I'm in bad need of a brush. I take care of that while I search for the pair of black boots that will go best with the black trousers and black button up I've got on. Finally, I liberate them from a pile of sketches and photographs on the floor. Slipping my knapsack over my shoulder, I turn out the lights in the flat, then head out the door to the nearest underground entrance.

My destination tonight? Jazz After Dark. I've heard about this little jazz club, time to see if the talk does it justice, or simply hype it up. At the very least, maybe I'll hear some good music, have a few drinks.

After about a half hour worth of subway interchanges, I emerge onto the street again, and find the place fairly easily--a few steps leading down to the doorway into the club. Entering, my eyes adjust to the dim, rather smokey atmosphere easily. There's no music just yet--well there is house music, but nothing live yet. It seems people are waiting around for something though.

Moving over to the bar, I order a drink and sit on a stool, eyes moving over the room and those gathered, humming along wtih the jazz coming from the speakers

OOC: There's a start! Viggo has arrived!
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