Dom Monaghan (domaghan) wrote in lotr_au,
Dom Monaghan

(cont'd) Lij/Dom @ Dom's flat

Dom drives the key into the lock, pushing the door inwards as he looks at Elijah over his shoulder. Elijah is going on--has been going on for the last ten minutes, in fact, most of the taxi ride--about exactly what he thinks of North London. It's all rubbish, however, and Dom is perfectly content listening to the voice rather than the words, once again. It occurs to him that this may make him superficial, but he's not even sure Elijah is really listening to himself talk, so they're even.

Elijah's hand is hovering near his back pocket still, having now abandoned any pretense of... well, there never really was any pretense, was there. Dom reaches out and pulls Elijah into his flat by the collar. Elijah stops talking and grins.

Dom flicks on the light switch and throws his keys into his coat pocket, then throws the coat on a hook by the door, gesturing for Elijah to do the same. He rubs his hands together, suddenly crackling with too much energy.

"So! Were you serious about that coffee? Because my coffee isn't that great, I'm told. Weak. Who drinks coffee anyway." He's babbling, he knows it, but somehow 'Let's fuck!' doesn't sound quite right either.
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