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Following in the foot steps of slashpuppets, slashy_lotr, lotr_playground, lotr_dreams, shardsofnarsil, and any other LOTR RPG games I've missed out there, comes ... well, this one.

Yes, this game will be slashified ... so those non-slashers, anti-slashers, whatever, need not apply.

Following in the styling of lotr_playground, this game will be plot driven. And since it is occuring in AU (alternate universe ... hence the game's name) the characters in this game wil lnot have starred in the movie LOTR. Stay tuned for a more in depth plot.

We are not really the actors, friends or family of the LotR cast. We don't know any of them, have no contact with them any of them, nor have any way of knowing anything about them in regards to their sexual orientation, lifestyle choices, or what kind of cereal they like to eat for breakfast. This has simply been set up for fun.

The Following Characters Are Taken:
thatboywho - Sean Astin
sheffield - Sean Bean
billy_boy - Billy Boyd (awaiting a new player)
orlando_b - Orlando Bloom
domaghan - Dominic Monaghan
mortensen - Viggo Mortensen
miss_liv - Liv Tyler
lij - Elijah Wood

The Following Characters Are Available:
Cate Blanchett
Marton Csokas
Brad Dourif
Ian Holm
Peter Jackson
Christopher Lee
Ian McKellen
Sarah McLeod
Miranda Otto
Craig Parker
Karl Urban
Hugo Weaving
David Wenham
... and any other cast member you can think of!

If you're interested in being a a part of the game, read the lotr_au_mod's first journal entry.